What are Sublimated Lanyards?

The most popular lanyards on the Maltese market are personalized sublimated ones, also our best-selling products. They’re also known as “dye-sub” lanyards because of the dyeing process used to produce the different colourful designs. Sublimated Lanyards in Malta can include detailed items such as intricate logos or a gradient and offer a sharp finish. If you are looking for a lanyard with a high-quality finish, sublimated lanyards are the best option. In order to make sure that the finished product will match any corporate colour scheme, the material is dyed directly. This allows us to Pantone match all parts of the printing area and satisfy customer requirements.

Because they are dye-sublimated, lanyards can be customized to suit any company or industry, allowing for a wide range of designs and colours to be used. Minimum order for custom printed lanyards is 50 units, however cost savings can be achieved on orders of over 500 lanyards. This is where the price falls sharply and we are able to offer cheap lanyards in Malta. There is no order too big or too little for us to handle, so please contact us with your specific requirements and we will do our best to help. You can purchase full-colour lanyards with your company’s logo and text printed on both sides by contacting us now. We also offer other types of finishes including polyester and woven – but are recommendation is the sublimated finish.

Printed Lanyards in Malta

The sublimated lanyards are a great product for any company that wants to make its brand more visible by having staff or guests wear the lanyards. This can be done onsite at offices or retail spaces, or when out and visiting customers or suppliers on site. Click here for more information on our top quality lanyards in Malta with the best prices and fast delivery. The photo shows an example of a sublimated lanyard with print on both side. Notice how the details of the star are clearly shown – which would not be possible with another type of finish.

Sublimated Lanyards for companies in Malta

Employees or visitors wearing sublimated lanyards may help promote a company’s brand. They can commonly be found around the necks of guests and speakers at conferences and trade events in Malta. Lanyards are extremely popular for commercial clients and are viewed as a low-cost, high-impact type of advertising due to their low unit cost. Customise our lanyards with your business logo and earn publicity when your employees are spotted wearing them.

Our sublimated lanyards come with standard safety breakaway clips to guarantee the wearer’s safety. This means that if the lanyard gets caught in a lift, door, or escalator it will just break off and not cause injury to the wearer. We supply a range of different accessories which can accompany the lanyards including plastic buckles and clips and claws. See below another example of a printed sublimation lanyard in orange again with fine details and gradient affects. The production period is 10-14 days after artwork confirmation and order being confirmed and paid for. Get your custom printed sublimated lanyards now and learn why they are so popular in Malta.

How can Sublimated Lanyards be customized?

Your picture ID, event credentials, or membership information may all be displayed on a lanyard. You can purchase and customise our high-quality, low-cost custom lanyards by sending the required information to us via email where we will provide a digital proof of how they would look when made. Add your business or event name, logo, text, contact details, colours and more. The artwork you add to your lanyards and the lanyard finishing choices are just a few of the ways you can further personalise your lanyards to work for your company.

Custom lanyards are a terrific method to advertise your business or brand, with our various types of finishes. Sublimated finish does offer the best results in most cases however we list the other options below for customers to choose from;

 Polyester finish – where simple text and logos may be printed on lanyards using silk screen printing
 Sublimated finish – High-quality and long-lasting, Dye Sublimation is ideal for complex logos or graphics.
 Woven finish – a sturdy material that incorporates your pattern into the fabric; ideal for large-scale applications.

Your lanyards can be finished in a variety of ways depending on the requirements. The ends of lanyards can be sewn or crimped with a metal piece and various buckles and clips added.

Sublimated Lanyard Accessories to suit everyone

In addition to the usual lanyard attachments, we provide a variety of choices for attaching the ID badge to the lanyard, such as:
 Bulldog clip: is the most user-friendly non-swivel attachment.
 Metal swivel hook: always wear your ID badge with the front-facing out
 Split ring: most often used with the strap clip of your choice
 Swivel badge clip: maintains badges pointing forward by attaching to your badge

All different types of accessories can commonly be found at large offices and the various conferences or networking events across Malta

Printed Lanyards in Malta
Various types of clips and accessories are available on request.

How to make your own lanyard

Creating your personalised lanyards is simpler than you would expect. This is all you need to do:
 Choose a printing process from our 4 options; silkscreen, dye sublimation, nylon and woven; any of which may be used for your project.
 Decide on the length of your lanyard. The lanyards come in four different thicknesses. Our standard offering is 20mm and the prices quoted are for this size.
 Choose a lanyard colour. A rainbow of 34 different lanyard colours is available.
 Select the preferred safety break option to ensure that the wearer is safe.
 Add a caption or artwork. Use your company’s name, logo, or other identifying features.
 Choose an attachment type from the drop-down menu. You may choose from a variety of different accessories.

To order Sublimated Lanyards in Malta please call 99990566 or email the required artwork to info@maltawristbands.com. Our sales team will work with you on the best type of finish, create a digital proof and answer any questions. Feel confident and comfortable ordering with Malta’s leading supplier of identity solutions and check out our 5 star score on Trustpilot with recent customer reviews. We look forward to assisting you with your lanyard requirements in the future.