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Personalized Lanyards for Business

Printed Lanyards are the ideal product for Conference Lanyards and Maltese businesses looking for a product that clearly identifies staff members. In recent years the product has become hugely popular with large offices who need to control entrance and visitor management. Personalised Conference Lanyards are a great way to have the staff of your business or company recognised. A number of accounting firms, betting companies and even event organisers are providing their staff with lanyards to wear whilst carrying out work related duties and tasks.

The benefits are clear, with the lanyard acting as free advertising whilst at the same time indicating that the staff member is an employee of that company. In the same way that business provide members of staff with uniforms, they are now also providing them with lanyards and ID cards to show who they are and what their role is. Other businesses in Malta use the lanyard to attach entrance keys or electronic fobs to, which then allows the staff member to access the premises. With prices starting at around 60c per lanyard (for orders of over 1,000 units) it is a relatively small amount to pay for something that will be worn for many months. With many local businesses providing their staff with lanyards such as banks, hospitals and even legal practices contact us to see how they can work for you and your business.

Personalized Conference Lanyards

If you have been to any conference or trade fair in Malta in the last year then it is likely you wore a customised lanyard at the event. They have exploded in popularity recently and are seen as the go-to product for all attendees to wear to clearly identify their name and also the company that they work for, together with their role. With the ever increasing number of conferences, trade fairs, expos and presentations taking place in Malta, it is no wonder that the organisers of these events see lanyards as the perfect product.

Custom printed lanyards have many advantageous points which make them ideal for conference type events. Organisers can offer to include sponsor logos on the printable area which gives the companies huge exposure to all attendees. The plastic pockets allow for clear identification of all guests and even staff members or security. At a glance, attendees can look at a guests lanyard and make a decision on whether to approach or not depending on the suitability. All of our custom printed lanyards are long lasting and can be worn long after the conference is over. With many gaming and innovation summits in Malta throughout the year, lanyards are expected to be seen and used heavily by organisers looking for an easy and flexible form of identification for all staff members and also attendees.

Which type of Lanyard is best for business?

We supply four main types of lanyards – made up of different materials and offering benefits depending on the intended use. For example if the lanyard is likely to be worn heavily in outdoor environments such as tradesmen, repair teams or sales persons then it is wise to chose a heavy duty lanyard such as woven. The individual threads are woven together to form a strong product that will not show signs of wear and tear and can even be washed should it get dirty. Another point to consider is what the client wants to print on the lanyard in terms of logos and text. Depending on the detail and colours of the design then certain techniques are not advisable. If the logo or text is just one colour then polyester lanyards offer the cheapest price for a top quality lanyard in Malta. Speak to us if you are not sure which type is best for your business and we will be able to guide you on this whilst also preparing a visual proof of how the lanyards can look. 

Which is the best type of Conference Lanyards?

Of the four types of lanyards that we supply to organisers of conferences and expos in Malta, the most popular is the sublimated type. Quite simply it is the most flexible product on the market and allows logos and text to be printed in incredibly clear detail. If a sponsor is paying to be placed on the Conference Lanyards area, then they will want their brand to show perfectly and sublimated is the best way to do this. The production method allows full colour logos to be printed together with effects such as shadows and even gradients. The smooth and soft feel of the lanyard is also what many attendees have come to expect. For the highest grade lanyard available then nylon is the best product. Customised nylon lanyards have a shiny reflective finish which makes them especially eye catching at large scale trade fairs – perfect for attendees wearing them. Whichever type of lanyard you require let us know and we can prepare a no obligation visual proof together with a quote.

Click on any of the types of lanyards below and read more information about each material type and how lanyards can work for your event or business. 

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