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Customized Healthcare Lanyards in Malta

Personalized Healthcare Lanyards

One industry that uses lanyards on a daily basis is the healthcare profession and that is why we supply a number of organisations with Healthcare Lanyards. These can be custom printed to include an array of information including logos or text such as the department or ward where the person works. Lanyards are worn by almost all staff when they are on duty and the personalized effect allows for them to be easily identified just from looking at the lanyard. Whether it be for hospital staff or those working at care homes our Healthcare Lanyards are an easy way for identification to be made both when entering the place of work and during the day. They also make it very easy for security staff to identify workers who are able to enter the premises or private areas.

Printed Healthcare Lanyards are the ideal product for any hospitals, polyclinics or care homes that are looking to use and implement a product that clearly identifies staff members. The product can be used to control entrance and also acts as an easy way for patients to identify staff. Lanyards can be supplied in a number of different colours which makes them great for use in different wards of a larger hospital and also for staff who have different roles in the facility. Our custom printed Healthcare Lanyards can be printed in full colour and include any details as required by the customer. The minimum order is only 50 units per design and the larger the order the cheaper the overall unit price.

Many health authorities chose to pair lanyards with ID cards to clearly show who the wearer is and what role they have, such as doctor, nurse or care giver. This information puts patients at rest that they are being cared for by a professional and that the area of expertise is correct for them. Additional information such as QR codes or barcodes can be added to the card depending on the customer requirements. Customized lanyards arte extremely durable and can be worn for months or even years in the right environment making them ideal for the busy surroundings of the healthcare industry.

Custom Printed Lanyards for carers

The most common type of Healthcare Lanyards are sublimated lanyards which are lightweight and very durable. They are made by imprinting or dyeing the material in the production process. The design is ‘ironed’ onto the surface of the lanyard and it is the best type of finish for any detailed logos that contain numerous colours or effects such as shadows or gradients. The sublimated process allows for text to be included in the print process and examples for the healthcare professionals would be things such as ‘CONCOLOGY’ or ‘DERMATOLOGY’ or ‘TRAINEE NURSE’ etc. The lanyard can be fully customized as per the request of the client to include logos and text in full colour. Whatever information you wish to include we can supply personalized Healthcare Lanyards.

The environment in any healthcare giving facility can be rather dangerous in terms of moving parts and as such we always suggest that customers include a safety breakaway with their order. The small clip that is not visible when worn means that the lanyard will break off if it becomes trapped or entangled. This is especially important in settings where there are automatic doors or lifts in operation such as hospitals. This feature is included in the prices quote for our products as we strongly believe they should be included. Other accessories are available with our lanyards such as metal clips, plastic buckles and even retractable reels for use at entry points. 

Our custom printed Healthcare Lanyards are available in a whole range of colours that can be chosen by the customer.Our normal Production time for personalized lanyards is approximately 14 days from the confirmation of artwork. Our sales team will be happy to discuss any requirements you have and to send a detailed quote and digital proof. For more information please send your artwork and any queries to and one of our staff will get back to you. If you require plain Healthcare Lanyards we stock a limited number of plain items at any time that are available on a same day basis. 

What material are Healthcare Lanyards?

There are 4 different types of materials used in the most common lanyards and we offer all of them. They are listed at the bottom of this page and there is a link describing their attributes if you click on the image or text. Depending on how often it will be used and the types of surrounding will result in one material being a better fit than others. For heavy usage such as in the Healthcare Lanyards industry we recommend either sublimated or woven lanyards. The sublimated finish has been mentioned briefly above and it allows for logos and text to be shown in great detail. However the woven lanyards are the most durable and long lasting and this is an important factor when they can expect to be worn for long durations. The woven material is best suited for simple logos or just text and often times that is sufficient for the requirements. 

The cheapest lanyards in Malta over a certain quantity are the polyester material and these are available in both plain or printed finishes. Whatever material you require for your Healthcare Lanyards we will be able to assist and source only the highest quality. Our sales team will be happy to answer any questions as to the best option for your requirements and our artwork team are able to create a compimentary visual proof of how the lanyards can look. For a price list of all available Healthcare Lanyards click here and compare the various different products and prices available.

How much are Customized Lanyards?

Our Healthcare Lanyards are available in both plain and printed formats depending on the final quantity ordered. Prices can differ as to the type of material used and also any accessories that are required on the final product. There are no setup costs involved and the price you see is the final price including delivery to one location. The minimum order for Healthcare Lanyards is 50 units and the price per unit decreases signifcantly for orders over 500 units. The price for sublimated lanyards includes print in full colour on both sides of the lanyard material. All prices quoted include the safety breakaway together with a standard metal clip at the end. For any other clips, buckles or reels there are additional charges. For bulk orders over 5,000 units please contact us on for a bespoke quote. 

Healthcare Lanyards are an ideal way for staff to identify themselves to patients and can be used across the sector. Be sure to speak with our team about how custom printed lanyards can work for your facility and we can supply a technical specification sheet upon request. Our prices are highly competitive and our 5* trustpilot score shows how happy our customers are with the product and service. We would be delighted to assist you with your lanyard order. Click on the link for further information about Healthcare Lanyards and the accessories available such as plastic pockets for identification material.

Click on any of the types of lanyards below and read more information about each material type and how lanyards can work for your event or business. 

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