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Frequently asked Lanyard Questions that we are often asked about

With so many lanyards available on the market in Malta, there are also many Lanyard Questions and it is sometimes difficult to know which type is best for your business or event. Below we answer some frequently asked Lanyard Questions and the different types of clips and accessories. If you have any additional queries please feel free to email us on or call us on 99990566. We are proud to offer top quality lanyards at competitive prices and have supplied many trade fairs, conferences and local businesses over the years. Our sales team will be able to make suggestions about the ideal lanyard for your event and also help with any design issues to ensure that the printed area has maximum visual impact when worn.

All prices exclude VAT and include delivery to any Malta or Gozo address. See below a list of often asked Lanyard Questions such as production time, price, and the print process. If you have any other questions then simply get in touch and we will be happy to help. For a template with the dimensions of a customised lanyards please click here. Other information can be found on the various product pages that we have such as sublimated lanyards, woven lanyards and even ID badge holders. Our pricing page also details the prices for each type of product for quantities up to 5,000 units. Should you require any further assistance or have any other Lanyard Questions please reach out to our team via email or whats app.

What is a lanyard?

A lanyard is the fabric material that can be worn around the neck and easily attach it to various items. They are commonly worn by staff in offices to show their ID card or entry fob. They can come in various materials and colours together with different locks, clips and plastic holders. Lanyards are long lasting and are removable meaning they are ideal for day to day use in offices. 

How much are lanyards?

The overall price of lanyards depends on the total number ordered. The cheapest lanyard prices in Malta are available when purchasing in bulk – at least 500 units. There are no setup fees with any of our lanyards and the unit price includes delivery. The cheapest price for 100 units sublimated is €1.40 per lanyard. The cheapest price for 5,000 polyester lanyards is €0.35 per unit. 

What is a sublimated lanyard?

Sublimated lanyards are the most popular type of product that we sell due to price and flexibility. They are the cheapest lanyards in Malta for up to 500 units and can also print in full colour with highly detailed design. Also known as dye-sub lanyards they are smooth to the touch and can be printed on both sides without additional costs. Click here for more info on sublimated lanyards.

How long does it take to produce lanyards?

Lanyards are the go to product for corporate clients and businesess looking to benefit from added exposure. Our customized lanyards have a production time of approximately 10-12 days depending on the quantity. We look to supply lanyards together with plastic holders as soon as possible. Our artwork team will provide a visual proof before proceeding with an order

How much are plain lanyards?

While 95% of our clients look to purchase customized lanyards with their own text and logos, we also supply plain lanyards on request. These contain no print on the material and are just a solid colour of the customers choosing. We stock a small number of plain lanyards for immediate collection from our office. Larger plain lanyard orders also have a leadtime of approx 10-12 days. 

What is the minimum lanyard quantity?

The production of top quality personalised lanyards is a method which involves many different steps to reach the final product. Due to the costs involved, the minimum order for any customised lanyard is 100 units. Any orders less than that amount can proceed, but the price will be the same as 100 units. Plain lanyards are available with a minimum amount of 20 units.

Do the lanyards come with metal clips and buckles?

Both our plain and customized lanyards come with one standard metal clip at the end, together with a safety breakaway. Any additional requirements can be quoted on a case by case basis. We supply all types of metal clips as shown in the image below. Plastic PVC pockets are also available and popular to use when displaying ID cards or name badges. 

How big are lanyards?

Our standard lanyard size is 20mm in thickness and 900mm in total length. This size allows for a clear and sharp print to allow the logos or text to be visible when worn. We offer lanyards in other sizes such as 15mm width – which has a smaller printable area – and also 25mm – which has a larger printable area. We recommend 20mm as this is the industry standard size and looks great. 

What can be printed on lanyards?

Sublimated lanyards offer the greatest options in terms of the colours and details that can be printed onto the lanyard surface. This includes gradients, shadows, lanyards and highly detailed logos. Other types of lanyards such as polyester or woven lanyards are more suitable for simple logos in 1 colour. Send us your artwork and we will work on a visual proof for you. 

How long can lanyards be worn?

All of our lanyards are made from the highest grade materials and can be worn for months at a time. The most durable option is the woven lanyard which can even be put in the washing machine! Lanyards are long lasting and can be removed and reapplied at will. All lanyard accessories are highly durable and will likely last as long as the lanyard itself in any environment

Popular Lanyard Questions

These are some of the most popular Lanyard Questions that we are often asked, but of course if you have any other queries please let us know and we can assist. Our team are on hand and have years of experience to offer guidance and recommendations about designs, materials and accessories. You can contact us via phone and whats app on 99990566 or on email at Let us know if you have any Lanyard Questions that we should add to this list so that we can help other customers looking for both plain and printed lanyards in Malta.

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