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Plastic Pockets and Badge Holders
Accessories for Lanyards

There are many Plastic Pockets and Badge Holders available to attach to the lanyard which is a great way to display ID badges or other information. As well as the lanyards themselves, we also supply various different types of accessories to attach to the end of the lanyard. The most popular of these are Plastic Pockets and Badge Holders which are normally used to display either an ID card or some form of credential. As lanyards are often worn at conferences and trade fairs the need to easily distinguish a guests profession or line of work. The see through material of the pocket allows for an insert to be added to include the relevant information to make identifying people easier. The concept can also be used at large scale offices to ensure the safety and integrity of the premises with each staff member wearing an ID card.

Plastic pockets and badge holders are supplied in a variety of sizes and the most common size is normally 80mm x 60mm. This translates to the size of a credit card more or less and seems to be the go to option for many corporate requests. We supply the product in both portrait and landscape orientation and also offer other sizes for those looking at using larger inserts such as 100mm and above. Contact us today for a bespoke quote on how this product can be added to a lanyard for best results and a smart finish.

We offer two types of plastic pockets as explained briefly below. The first is a type that is made of soft plastic and is usually used when inserting paper or cardboard material. The second is made of hard rigid plastic and this is for use when inserting either an ID card or similarly tough material. The softer material is more pliable and is normally only used for short term, whereas the tougher material can be used for long term and is highly durable. The prices for both products are listed below for the average internal size. The soft plastic pocket is for an INTERNAL size of 90mm x 60mm whereas the hard name badge is for an INTERNAL size of 85mm x 55mm. For additional sizes please contact us for a quote which we will assist you with.

Apart from name badges we also offer a variety of other different accessories that can be attached to the end of our lanyards. Buckles are a popular addition for those wishing to attach third party items to the lanyard and these are instead of the standard metal claw clip. Other types of accessories include retractable coils sometimes referred to as badge reels and also bottle openers. Contact us today to see what accessory is best for your lanyard order and how we can help. If you are ordering lanyards together with plastic pockets there will be discounts on the below prices – speak to us today to get a specific quote.

Quantity Soft plastic Hard plastic
100 € 50.00 € 70.00
200 € 90.00 € 120.00
300 € 120.00 € 165.00
500 € 175.00 € 250.00
1,000 € 300.00 € 450.00
2,000 € 560.00 € 840.00
3,000 € 750.00 € 1,200.00
5,000 € 1,100.00 € 1,900.00
10,000 € 2,000.00 € 3,500.00

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