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Personalized Polyester Lanyards in Malta
Polyester Lanyards for Maltese businesses

Personzlied polyester lanyards are a very common product found in Malta due to their durability and also relatively cheap price when compared with other lanyard types. The production method for polyester lanyards brings about the raised vertical stripes which are slightly rough to the touch. The polyester fibres are grouped together to make the lanyard very strong and long lasting when worn. 

Polyester lanyards are also known as silk screen lanyards as that is the method of printing onto the lanyard area. The process is similar to ironing on logos or text directly onto the material which sits on top of the fibres. They are an ideal choice for customized lanyards with simple artwork and consisting of 1 colour. Orders for over 500 units of Polyester lanyards bring about the cheapest unit price of all products available. Visit this page to order either plain or custom printed Polyester Lanyards and we will get back to you straight away. 

Polyester lanyards are long lasting due to the strength of the individual fibres and can be worn in controlled environments for months without any visible signs of deteriorating. While they do not offer a smooth or soft finish, they are the cheapest product on the market for larger orders and very popular with businesses looking for bulk orders in Malta. For best resultswe recommend that customers print the silk screen technique using just simple text in one colour. Print on both sides of the lanyard incurs additional costs. With a long life expectancy these lanyards can be used in the day to day office environment in Valletta or Sliema and other major company headquarters.

Polyester lanyards come with safety breakaways as standard to ensure the safety of the wearer. We are also able to quote and supply for a variety of metal or plastic clips together with plastic pockets for ID cards to be displayed. Below are a number of images of polyester lanyards together with a pricelist. Production time is approximately 10-12 days from confirmation of artwork.

Quantity Sublimated Polyester Woven   Nylon  
100 € 140.00 € 150.00 € 200.00 € 200.00
200 € 230.00 € 240.00 € 270.00 € 270.00
300 € 295.00 € 305.00 € 330.00 € 330.00
500 € 400.00 € 405.00 € 435.00 € 435.00
1,000 € 650.00 € 645.00 € 720.00 € 690.00
2,000 € 1,050.00 € 1,020.00 € 1,150.00 € 1,100.00
3,000 € 1,450.00 € 1,375.00 € 1,560.00 € 1,540.00
5,000 € 2,200.00 € 2,050.00 € 2,325.00 € 2,330.00

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