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Eco Friendly Lanyards in Malta

Personalized Eco Friendly Lanyards

For anyone who is looking for Eco Friendly Lanyards to minimise their carbon footprint we have the perfect product for you; Eco Friendly Lanyards. People are becoming much more conscious about their activities and how it effects the planet in the longer term. Event organisers and purchasing managers are looking at the most environmentally friendly items on the market. Our Eco Friendly Lanyards are made from recycled plastic – sometimes known as rPET – ensuring that the plastic is reused and turned into another product. This is a key component that customers are looking at when choosing a product that fits the ‘green’ criteria. These type of recycled plastic lanyards are very popular for any organisation that is looking to reduce their consumption and chose options that benefit the health of the planet in the long term.

Eco Friendly Lanyards are available in both plain and custom printed formats depending on the customer requirements. Plain recycled lanyards can be ordered in any colours with the most common being red, yellow, green, blue, black and white. We also supply rainbow lanyards on request which gives the rainbow effect across the whole surface. Printed Eco Friendly Lanyards can include logos and text in full colour and are finished off with the sublimated technique. Contact our sales team and send us your required artwork and we will work on a digital proof and also a quote for the product.

Recycled Lanyards for events

Our Eco Friendly Lanyards are ideal for anyone looking for a product that they can comfortably say is not harming the planet. Whereas other items are made from scratch or ‘virgin materials’ our lanyards are made from recycled plastic. This means less waste for the planet and that the item in its original form is then reused again at a later stage. Customers looking for recycled lanyards for their events or business now have a product that ticks the boxes of being both environmentally friendly and robust at the same time. There is almost no difference in the appearance between a normal lanyard and a recycled one and customers are delighted at the finish. Custom Printed Eco Friendly Lanyards are available with full colour print and include logos and text. Get your organisations message visble whilst doing your bit for the planet at the same time.

Click here to order Eco Friendly Lanyards and speak to our customer support team who will be delighted to assist with your order. Production time is approximately 14 days from confirmation of artwork and order. Let us know which accessory you need and these can be added to your order. We can create and supply a no obligation digital proof of how the lanyards will look when printed. Contact us today to see how recycled lanyards can benefit your organisation and the environment at the same time! Our children’s children will definitely be thankful for the action we take today and as the saying goes… there is no PLANet B

What are Eco Friendly Lanyards made of?

Our Eco Friendly Lanyards are made from rPET, which is the short name often used for recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (PET). It is made by bringing together used plastic such as bottles and other plastic waste and preparing it for re-use in another application. Of the plastics that can be recycled, many of them are used as the base product for rPET. The material is mixed together and after various processes the recycled plastic is ready to be moulded into its new form. The process takes place on a bulk scale and helps the environment by creating less waste and creating new products from old materials.

Eco Friendly Lanyards can be fully customized to include logos and text in colour as per the customer requirements. The lanyard material is dye sublimated with the design on both front and back sides. Add accessories such as metal clips, plastic bucklets or retractable reels to the end of the lanyard depending on how it is to be used. Many organisations are using recycled lanyards for their staff or visitors to control access to buildings or areas.

How much are Recycled Lanyards?

See below a pricelist for Eco Friendly Lanyards – made from rPET material. The prices mentioned are for custom printed recycled lanyards and include print in full colour on both sides of the material. If you have a different request or wish to talk to one of our sales team simply email and we will get back to you straight away. Note that the minimum order is 100 units for this product due to the setup costs involved. Bulk orders over 500 units benefit from a discount and a lower unit price overall. If you require more than 5,000 units please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Recycled lanyards can be worn by both adults and children and are supplied in a standard size of 900mm in total length. Our standard width is 20mm – but we can also supply 15mm and 25mm on request. Our standard product includes a safety breakaway which means the lanyard will break off if caught in a lift or other dangerous situation. Additionally Eco Friendly Lanyards are available with many different accessories and can include plastic pockets for identification material.

See the price table for custom printed eco friendly lanyards in Malta available with a production time of approximately 14 days. The unit price decreases as the total quantity order increase and prices start at just €0.45c per lanyard for large bulk orders. For the cheapest lanyards in Malta contact our sales team and order customized lanyards by completing the form online. For any further queries our sales team will be happy to help and be contacted via email on or by calling 99990566.

Quantity Price
100 € 155
200 € 255
300 € 325
500 € 455
1000 € 730
2000 € 1,250
3000 € 1,640
5000 € 2,480

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