Name tags are an essential item for many businesses and organizations. They provide an easy way to identify staff members and help create a professional environment. PVC cards are a popular material for creating name tags because they are durable, affordable, and can be customized to suit your needs. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of PVC name cards for name tags and how they can help your business or organization.

What are PVC Cards made from?

PVC nametags or cards are made of polyvinyl chloride, a type of plastic that is durable, lightweight, and easy to print on. They are commonly used for creating ID cards, membership cards, and name tags. The product is available in different sizes and thicknesses, and they can be customized with text, images, and barcodes. This makes them the perfect product to use to display credentials of staff members either at their office or at events such as trade fairs or conferences.

Benefits of PVC Cards for Name Tags

  1. Durability: They are known for their durability, making them an excellent option for name tags. They can withstand daily wear and tear, and they are water-resistant, which means they won’t smudge or fade even if they get wet. This durability ensures that your name tags will last for a long time, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  2. Customization: The product can be customized to suit your needs. You can add your company logo, staff member’s name, and job title to create a professional-looking name tag. You can also choose from different font styles and colors to match your brand. Customization options also include the ability to add barcodes or QR codes to your name tags, which can be useful for tracking attendance or access to different areas of your business or event.
  3. Affordability: PVC cards are an affordable option for creating name tags. They are much cheaper than metal or plastic name tags, making them an ideal choice for businesses or organizations on a budget. Additionally, PVC cards can be ordered in bulk, which can further reduce the cost per unit.
  4. Convenience: PVC cards are easy to print on, making them a convenient option for creating name tags. You can print the name tags in-house using a relatively simple card printer, or you can order them from a printing company. Printing the name tags in-house allows you to make changes to the design quickly, while ordering them from a printing company ensures that you get high-quality name tags without the need for expensive equipment. Many customers order the cards in bulk and then will print on them when required with the relevant details of the person.

Applications of PVC Cards for Name Tags

  1. Corporate Events: PVC cards are an excellent option for creating name tags for corporate events. They can be customized with the event’s branding and used to identify attendees, speakers, and sponsors. The cards with barcodes or QR codes can also be used to track attendance and access to different areas of the event.
  2. Schools and Universities: PVC cards are commonly used in schools and universities to create student and staff ID cards. They can also be used for creating name tags for staff members, especially in large institutions where it may be challenging to remember everyone’s name.
  3. Conferences and Trade Shows: PVC cards are an essential item for conferences and trade shows. They can be used to identify attendees, exhibitors, and staff members. PVC cards with barcodes or QR codes can also be used to track attendance and access to different areas of the event.
  4. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: PVC cards are a useful option for creating name tags for healthcare professionals. They can include the staff member’s name, job title, and department. PVC cards can also be used for creating patient ID cards and medical records.
  5. Retail and Hospitality: PVC cards can be used for creating name tags for retail and hospitality staff members. They can include the staff member’s name and job title, making it easy for customers to identify them. They can also be customized with the company’s branding and have added items such as barcodes or QR codes which can be scanned and linked to an external system.

In summary this product is very flexible and allows for businesses or organisations such as schools to identity staff or guests. The card can be supplied to include standard artwork and then personalized at a later stage with a printer. Alternatively the customisation can be done at the production stage and include variable data such as sequential numbering. Customers can order safe in the knowledge that we have a 5* score on Trustpilot where customers have left reviews of our products and service.

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