Lanyards in Malta: A Practical and Stylish Accessory

Lanyards are one of the most versatile accessories used in various industries around the world. They are a practical and stylish way to carry identification cards, keys, and other small items that you need to access frequently throughout the day. Malta is no exception when it comes to using lanyards, and they are becoming increasingly popular in various settings. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of lanyards available in Malta and their practical applications.

Types of Lanyards in Malta

Lanyards are available in different materials, sizes, and colors. Some of the common materials used to make lanyards include polyester, nylon, and woven fabric. Polyester is the most popular material used in making lanyards because it is durable, lightweight, and affordable. Nylon lanyards are also durable and lightweight, but they are a bit more expensive than polyester lanyards. Woven fabric lanyards are made of high-quality material and are commonly used in high-end settings such as corporate events.

Lanyards in Malta are also available in different sizes, including 1cm, 1.5cm, and 2cm widths. The width of the lanyard depends on the intended use. For example, a 1cm width lanyard is suitable for holding a small identification card, while a 2cm width lanyard is more appropriate for holding keys or larger items.

In addition to the materials and sizes, lanyards in Malta are available in different colors and designs. Companies and organizations often customize lanyards with their logos or slogans to create brand awareness. Other popular designs include plain colors, stripes, and checkered patterns. Sometimes known as neck straps this product is often used together with another popular product – printed wristbands.

Practical Applications of Lanyards in Malta

Lanyards have a wide range of practical applications in Malta. Here are some of the common ways that lanyards are used in Malta:

  1. Employee Identification: Many companies in Malta issue identification cards to their employees to access different areas of the workplace. Lanyards are a convenient and practical way to carry these identification cards. Employees can wear the lanyard around their necks, making it easy to access the identification card when needed.
  2. Events: Lanyards are commonly used in events such as conferences, trade shows, and festivals in Malta. Attendees wear lanyards with their name tags to identify themselves and gain access to different areas of the event.
  3. Schools: Schools in Malta often issue identification cards to their students and staff. Lanyards are a convenient way for students and staff to carry these identification cards. Lanyards can also be used to identify different groups of students or staff, such as prefects, teachers, and administrators.
  4. Sports: Lanyards are commonly used in sports settings in Malta. Athletes and coaches wear lanyards with their identification cards, and referees wear lanyards with their whistles. Lanyards can also be used to hold keys or other small items needed during sports activities.
  5. Healthcare: Healthcare professionals in Malta often wear lanyards with their identification cards. Lanyards can also be used to hold keys or small medical equipment such as thermometers and stethoscopes. Most healthcare lanyards are printed but sometimes they can also be plain.

Stylish Accessories

In addition to their practical applications, lanyards are also becoming increasingly popular as stylish accessories. Lanyards are available in a wide range of colors and designs, making them a fashionable accessory that can complement any outfit. Many people in Malta are wearing lanyards as a way to express their personal style or support their favorite sports teams or causes. For plain lanyards we have a wide range of colours such as red, white, green, yellow, black and blue. They are in stock and available the same day that they are ordered. For the cheapest plain lanyard prices in Malta click here to order.

Customized Lanyards

Customized lanyards are a popular option in Malta. Companies, organizations, and event planners often customize lanyards to display their identity or attach items too. There are many accessories that can be supplied include badge holders and name tag holders – which we also supply and other items such as pull reels and even PVC cards. Speak to our sales team today about how lanyards can work for your organisation.

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