What are SiGMA Lanyards?

They are the most popular type of lanyards used commonly at trade fairs and conferences both in Malta and also abroad. SiGMA Lanyards are personalized with the design being sublimated onto the material and they are our best-selling products out of all the materials. They’re sometimes also referred to as “dye-sub” lanyards because of the production process involved in making the item. The dyeing process produces a vivid finish and allows for colourful and intricate designs. This specialised production method ensures that the lanyard can match any company colour scheme. Pantone matching is possible on the printed area to ensure that all important brand consistency during the event. Sublimated Lanyards in Malta can print detailed logos with shadows and gradients to help really stand out when at conferences or in photos. Customers looking for a high quality lanyard with a fast turnaround then this is the best product that is available.

Because they are made using the dye-sublimated process, SiGMA lanyards can be fully customized to match company requirements and specifications. As the product is bespoke for each order there are no limits on what type of colour can be used. The minimum quantity for custom printed lanyards at SiGMA is 50 units due to setup costs involved. There are big discounts for larger orders and the unit price reduces significantly when more than 500 units are ordered. Cheap lanyards in Malta can cost as little as 60c each to include customized print and a safety break and metal clip as standard accessories. Contact our sales team today with your specific requirements and they will get back to you with a quote together with a digital proof of how the lanyards could look. We offer other types of finishes including polyester lanyards and woven lanyards, but in most circumstances the sublimated finish gives the best result.

Printed Lanyards in Malta

SiGMA lanyards are a perfect product for any companies exhibiting at the event and that wants to give its brand more exposure by having people wearing the item. This is an especially powerful tool at industry events where there will likely be potential customers and/or suppliers that will recognise your band. Of course there is the added bonus of photos and videos taken at the event and being uploaded to include your lanyard as some free advertising. If your company has a representative speaking during the conference this is an even better opportunity to create brand awareness. Our top quality lanyards in Malta are available with the best prices and delivery time in about 10 days. The photo above shows a blue sublimated lanyard with custom print on both sides of the material. The fine details of the white stars are visible and this type of detail not be possible with another type of finish such as polyester.

SiGMA Lanyards for companies in Malta

As previously mentioned, personalized lanyards are a great way to help promote a company’s brand – especially at conferences and trade fairs. The product has become very popular and is normally given to all attendees at the registration / sign in area of the event. Many times there is an ID badge attached to the end of the lanyard, which often displays the guests name, company they represent and sometimes even their role. With so many companies all in the same sector it is a fantastic, low-cost, high-impact form of advertising to a very niche demographic. Create a unique design with your business logo and/or motto and benefit from the free exposure that conference lanyards in Malta can bring.

Our SiGMA lanyards are supplied with black safety breakaway clips as standard which are an important feature for the safety of the person wearing it. The self releasing clip means that if the lanyard gets caught in a dangerous situation such as a lift, automatic doors, or escalator it will just break off and no serious injury will occur. We supply a wide range of accessories which are available on request and these can range from clips, buckles, claws and even bottle openers. The production time for customized lanyards is 10-14 days from the artwork and order being confirmed. Please bear in mind any deadlines when preparing your order so that you do not miss out on the clear benefits of personalised lanyards.

How can Sublimated Lanyards be customized?

SiGMA lanyards can be customized to include any information including icons, logos, text and even QR codes. The high quality low cost lanyards can be purchased by sending our sales team all of the relevant information. They will work on a quote together with a digital proof for approval and provide any assistance as required through the ordering process. Choose the colour of the lanyard to match the company scheme and add names, logos, contact details and other elements. Other ways to customized the product is to increase the width from the standard 20mm size to 25mm or even 30mm.

Custom lanyards are a fantastic way to increase brand awareness on a daily basis. Even after a conference has taken place the product can still be worn for months afterwards. For best results in terms of a sharp finish we recommend the sublimated finish technique but below find a brief summary of the other types of material on offer and their ideal uses;

 Polyester lanyards – ideal for text and simple logos – but only advisable for one colour print. The method using silk screen printing to print the design on top of the material.
 Nylon lanyards – premium product that is high-quality and very long-lasting. A step up from sublimated but more expensive too. Also takes a little longer for production.
 Woven finish – a thick, heavy and durable material that is made by weaving threads together to make a design. Can only be used for very simple designs with a limit on the number of colours used.

SiGMA lanyards can be fully customized to include the type of finish, the width, the material, the accessories to attach to it and of course the design. We look forward to assisting you.

When is SiGMA Europe?

SiGMA Europe 2022 is scheduled to take place between the 14-18 November in Malta – at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali. More information about the world class event can be found on their website together with the option to purchase tickets. With so many huge companies exhibiting in the world of iGaming it is a fantastic opportunity for any business either established in the sector or looking to join it. We have been proud to supply the event for a number of years with personalized lanyards together with fabric wristbands as well. Here is a photo from their website showing the great setup and array of the worlds leading companies who attend and sponsor the event.

For more information on the types of attachments and accessories that are available we have added an image below. They can all be added to the end of the lanyard depending on how it is intended to be used. Some of the most popular attachments are as follows;
 Bulldog clip: this is probably the most common non-swivel attachment and good for daily use.
 Metal swivel hook: ideal to attach to to an ID badge where it can be spun round to be front-facing
 Split ring: this is often used in conjunction with a strap clip as per request
 Swivel badge clip: clip that ensures badges point forward by attaching to the badge via the lanyard

Different types of accessories can be found at companies and offices all across Malta and Europe and especially at conferences or networking events for iGaming lanyards.

Printed Lanyards in Malta
Various types of clips and accessories are available on request.

How to make your own lanyard

Follow our 5 step guide below to create your own unique customized lanyard:

 Choose from one of the 4 printing finishes; we recommend sublimated. The other 3 are silkscreen, nylon and woven. If you are unsure, let us know and we can assist.
 Choose the base colour of the lanyard colour. We can pantone match any colours and even include gradient effects and styles.
 Add company logo or artwork or other items that are to be printed onto the lanyard. This can include any information that is important and you wish to be visible when worn.
 Choose the required accessory from our list. As standard we supply a safety break together with a metal clip as these are the most popular.
 Select the quantity required and the inform our sales team via email on info@maltawristbands.com

Our sales team are on hand to assist with any questions you may have with your lanyard order. Complimentary digital proofs are available for all orders and we can make changes as required. Feel confident placing your lanyard order with Malta’s leading supplier of identity solutions and see what our customers say about our products and service by viewing our 5 star score on Trustpilot. We look forward to assisting you with your SiGMA lanyard requirements in the future.